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Recognize Reality!

When Jesus lived; people endured the warmonger crucifier mafia; today we suffer the warmonger nuclear mafia! Technology evolved to the age of computerized leisure yet, We endure the same social maladies: 1. Lying Lawyers, 2. Predatory Preachers, 3. Profiteering Physicians, 4. Malicious Merchants, 5. Persecuted Prostitutes.  To avoid extinction; we must unify, dignify humanity, and stop the effective ecocide by our inept governments.

#LOVEvolution: to Establish #EarthPeace.  Please be a participant, partner, advisor, associate, friend, capitalistic-comrade, ‘Financial Angel’,  secret affiliate, or confidential contributor.  I appreciative all and i beg you to share, because I care about Earth and its creatures; thanks. 

www.venmo.com/Robert-Torres-275    Or


Please: help implement #SocialSanity. Be a co-conspirator and participate in our civilized consciousness, we are forming an unbiased international  network to organize our Governments 4 conservation of our Oxygen and Oceans!  I respectfully request: referrals, work assignments, clients, people to coach, those seeking advise, or advocates .  I beg you: please promote our peace plan. 

ALSO as a capitalist comrade:  I also seek funding; from investors ready to earn interest and good will.   (APR and loan  conditions are negotiable) we can acquire apartments to operate ecologically, and also construct ergonomically designed, diversified income--multi-family housing, commercial developments.  I have a Bank willing to finance apartment purchases with 15% down payment and an APR below 3%.


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All Kannaway products are scientifically verified for potency, purity of contents, and chemically analyzed for pesticides, herbicides or contaminants three separate times by an independent laboratory: these reports are linked to each individual product on the website.    Cannabinoids: rejuvenate our bodies; increase brain function by facilitating neuron activity, and helps our social ability, with the pursuit of prosperity.  Invigorate health by supplying CBD's to the human  endocannabinoid system: enhance  LIFE.  A happy attitude with a buoyant spirit; reduces cravings and over indulgence in toxic substances!

Please Commit to World Peace: vote and work for Voluntary Generosity.  JESUS said: “LOVE your neighbor” ...this righteousness can preserve Earth!

I enhance and validate Experiences: as a Verifiable Witness with testimonial ability, faithful Friend, Content Competent Companion, a prudent person to simplify complications whatever circumstances in any venue, as a platonic escort or romantic. 

I can easily accommodate: your schedule and personal preferences, whatever precludes possible paranoia!  I am available where-ever and whenever; locally in the 92592.  I promise honorable confidentially; accurate accounting, honesty, and help; with any financial, legal, or emotional situation, negotiation, or mediation, with knowledgeable experience I can rectify any circumstance; and I am available to socialize and Joyously celebrate LIFE! 

I logically utilize #Twitter as a social lever to Abolish Advanced Apartheid, end ecocide, and I follow thousands of reputable realities 4 #EmpiricalFacts !


or   mr_funsun@twitter.com

Aloha all ways;

our contentment can be! 

Hi---Well Come: to my Learned Lessons for Logical Living; The foundation of LOVEvolution, a nonviolent revolution, living for  blissful eternal existence, as proscribed by JESUS.  Please be Prolific, Promote Peaceful Prosperity and Celebrate LIFE!

It is absolutely essential to develop a Hybrid social-political-economic-system integrating the best of all Cultures, species, political and social systems!  United States occupant acknowledgement, if you fail to register to Vote; you neglect your duty.  A prerequisite to protest, block or impede traffic, also not justified never loot, never riot.  Violence and destruction are anti homeostasis and conducive to Social Insanity; only Love can conquer hate and greed! 

#LOVEvolution: 1. End hunger, 2. Dissipate hate, 3. Vanquish violence, 4. Denuclearize, 5. Conquer cancers. 

Righteous, SOUL-u-tion to establish Equilibrium: a Bio Cultural Evolution; participate in planetary preservation, dignify humanity and generate Good-Will!  

Workers of our world: are optional today; thanks to computerized mechanization.  I have seen a video; where a robot outpaces a union brick layer; the machine laying three times more bricks than a human, in an eight hour shift.  Smart vehicles eliminate the need for professional drivers, and fast food restaurants can be machine operated without humans.  PLEASE; dignify our destiny so humanity can partake in, Liberty, equality, and freedom from suffering!

We can celebrate LIFE and live long: if we coordinate our Loves; relationships can amplify our lives, materially, physically, psychologically and spiritually.  Civilization can be a tranquil and ecological: As JESUS CHRIST exemplified and taught; “Love your neighbor”, absolute global sanity.  Wise and scientific people testify that our ecosphere: Earth, was created for Well-Fair; not War-Fare, we must bake-Love-Cake to End hunger.    I am a Catholic-American-Capitalistic-Comrade; female adoring, progeny seeking, armed motorcyclist, an advocate and Green-Tea-Party member, thriving on a non-violent diet  clarifying my consciousness, rejuvenating my vibrations by receiving/ giving LOVE and HUG-therapy, generating universal positive energy. 

Absolute Fact: the Covid-19 Virus is miniscule and can fit between the strands of our DNA; testing is too invasive of a procedure (piercing the blood brain barrier) for an almost invisible virius-Covid-19 which has such a minute mortality rate compared to hunger!  According to Google every 24 hours twenty five thousand people die from starvation.  The highest  24 hour mortality rate from Covid-19 was eight-thousand humans.  Evidently this comparison lacks the fact that death rate would be much larger if it included death from thirst and the lack of good water; either way the statistical contradiction of lethality is illogical.  I object to:  Medical Marshall Law; being mandated to wear a mask, enduring quarantine, threatened with unnecessary and unreliable tests, mandatory or socially required vaccines.  Governments are destroying our social fabric by invasive interference in society’s reality; intentionally magnifying this international crisis with faulty medical theories.  Logically, we must sanitize the Nuclear radiation that is mutating and deteriorating everything: Rad-brain, the Wigner effect, birth defects, and even viruses as evidenced by the Covid-19 adaptations!  Our toxic ecosphere needs healing, humans must: Demilitarize, Denuclearize, disassemble the Medical Mafia, if we vote and demand a social safety net, we can remove greedy corporate profiteers from Health Care.  With proper safety precautions our immune systems will adapt; and we can re-socialize to integrate intelligent information. There are many external factors affecting human health:  warfare, pollution, toxic waste, chem.-trails, electromagnetic radiation, hate, and psychologically; the depression of financial lack and social desperation.  Therefore; all governments’ doctors, vaccinators, and health insurance corporations, stay away from my DNA, because my RNA regenerates every day while I consciously analyze how to adapt, survive, thrive, and produce potent progeny.  Our Global Village should be Free:  Allow informed people to decide their destiny; whether to attend Church and worship, and include individual health precautions, or stay home and self isolate.   

I am honorable US citizen: Los Angeles is the home of my birth and Southern California is the home of my choice.  I posses a unique unbiased perspective and can plan effective affective assistance.  Whatever your endeavor; I am at your service to supervise, manage, advise, and acquire properties, apartments, businesses, and land to construct ecological buildings:  www.AbsoluteSupervision.com    

I am humble enough to publically beg financiallywww.venmo.com/Robert-Torres-275

Impressing LOVEvolution and leveraging logic on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mr_funsun       

Primo financial participation in #LOVEvolution: www.paypal.me/MrFunsun  

Aloha to all:

I seek Progeny and Peace Full Prosperity: I am a counseling channel of our universal energy.  I seek to enlighten, and prevent human extinction.  My positive energy and total essence is a dedication to harmonious global co-existence; to help everyone celebrate LIFE!  LIFE= Live In a Free Environment!  Less Laws, equal More Liberty!  I am begging all species, religions, and cultures:  In the Holy Honorable name of,  GOD; Jesus Christ, Allah, the Universal Energy, Positive Vibrations, LOVE,  Logic, Empirical Science, Mother Nature, Karma, Mohamed, Confucius, Buda, Krishna, all prophets of peace, shamans, members of all human groups including the Bahia’s, Gnostics, Agnostics, Vegans, Vegetarians’, and Atheists!  Human  survival necessitates vanquishing violence; I seek people to help save whales and preserve our planet with righteous ecologically  honest economics and voluntary generous business principled practices!

Please: condense and cleanse confusion from your consciousness; dedicate your life to, peace, prosperity and longevity.  We are suffering advanced entropy: We must; end warfare, stop pollution, and sanitize!  

I existentially: object, protest, resist, and contradict the legal diabolical disorientation of our country; both US political parties: are a despicable duopoly, Demopublican and Republicrat; both are anti-LIFE, I oppose and condemn all who destroy our ecosphere!  Every US President since Richard Nixon; has bombed Earth into pieces while proclaiming Peace propagation, yet, soul rocker Michael Franti exclaims, ‘we can never bomb the Earth into Peace’.  I witnessed for fifty years, the absolute (LIES) = double speak of institutions:  corrupt politics and laws profiting the Mafioso-military-industrial-university-pharmaceutical-insurance-prison-evil/establishment-complex.  They build bombs to detonate and unnecessarily medicate rather than bake Love-Cake. 

Exemplified in; the double-speak acronym:  PTSD  = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; logically this term and treatments apply in extreme cases.  The majority afflicted with this dis-ease; like myself, have evolved to TS=…Traumatic Synergy---Because: the Trauma is current and our energy to affect our global effect is Synergy; not a psychological DIS-order---OR perhaps: SS= Synergistic Sanity; Motivated with positive energy synergized to vanquish violence for Sanity's sake, neither necessitating an intrusive intervention nor a psychiatric prescription! 

Empirical fact another example of lying double speak:  The AHCA law is an absolute fraud, if context is considered; evidentially Grounds for impeachment because participating constitutionally invalidated our three branches of US government.  The Affordable Health Care Act was absolutely exacerbated by Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of this legal feloniousness; with his idiotic term ObamaCare which further defrauded US citizenry!  We must demand: Proper phraseology and logical legal terminology, an example: the---Affordable Health Insurance Act---this law mandates insurance purchasing for possible #HealthCare---IF---approved by the insurance adjusters! Therefore, President Obama contrived this manipulative exploitation; then Congress and Senate, voted and passed the double speak---then the Supreme Court adjudicated; it ---as legal because it was technically a tax.  While warmongers; utilize warfare to kill innocent humans and destroy our planetary blessings.  Another modern oppressive Law which violates the US Constitution: is Presidential Term Limits; passed in1951---President Obama was prevented from participating in a third free election.  Less Laws---More Liberty; most laws enacted since civil war, dilute our Humanity and our US Constitutional rights and liberty. 

I respectfully request and beg all human beings to act logically and mercifully:  Please forgive and tolerate the multicultural violence of humanities past and participate in our Bio-Cultural Evolution.  Please; co-conspire to establish social sanity and joyfully share liberty!  Every four years the US political Candidates make many promises and blame each other for governmental failures, then, America votes Red or Blue while our suicide rate increases---absolute evidence of ineffective governmental beauracrazy!  The Green New Deal is the Party Platform of the lovable US Green Party; we must stand down militarily and stop bombing Earth!  If you: Register Green this will effect Donald Trump’s policies more than impeachement or voting for a Demopublican.  IF: All of Us: register for the  Green Party; we will reassure the World, that the US citizens want to cool down Earth by suppressing violence!

Religious-Philosophical-Political research: according to JESUS Pacifism and Peace; same as the US Green Party Platform.
1.    End Executions
2.    End All Wars
3.    End All Nukes
4.    End Drug War
5.    End 3 Strikes Law
6.    Give health care: Universal free medical, dental, psychiatric, and holistic therapy.
7.    Give Higher Education and forgive student loans.                            

Please register, Vote, and promote, the GREEN PARTY: to establish compassion.  Gratefully: the Green Party is on the US ballot, but we need more registered voters to qualify and participate in the POTUS debates.  The voters should be informed of viable alternatives to the current diabolical political Duopoly. Normal beings appreciate appreciation; so please help Human destiny:   Register for the US Green Party!  Then VOTE 4 whomever and however you wish; but, first integrate the US presidential debates!  Help the Greens to gain enough registrants to qualify for participation in the US Presidential debates!   www.gp.org 

I am an ashamed American, apologizing to all peoples; for the ignorant majority of USA voters who allow, governmental and business supervision---directed by  Demopublican/Republicrats, who comprise the  War-Monger-Nuclear-Mafia, who plunder our planet.  The United States of America should lead civilization in NON-violent Love; promoting knowledgeable prosperity and peace.  Instead we are being alienated and walled in to the United States of America; this country is neglected by the majority of its ignorant inhabitants who refuse or neglect to vote.  No Border-Wall; Liberate Latin America: a wall is an ecological barrier to biodiversity, a cultural insult: better to end drug war, respect cultures, behaviors, consumption, and end exodus. 

The world elite suppress people with police brutality and they slaughter innocents under color of authority: Register and Vote for merciful justice; Before you publically protest politics and never RIOT: NO destruction because Violence is futile!  Elections are non-violent Political revolutions. 

Please be co-conspirators to challenge the inequities in our social system, help transition our establishment; non-violently through our election process and the US GREEN PARTY.  Please attend a GREEN PARTY meeting or contact me to organize political meetings and free speeches to preserve Earth; especially our cetacean comrades!

Know-Facts: about Nuclear Reactors which produce Radiation and toxic waste, radiation causes mutations;  and depleted uranium is used as ammunition.  Please research Wigner effect, and register to vote for the GREEN PARTY: the only US antinuclear political party!  Also; when we elect a GREEN PARTY POTUS: or Governor: all convicts in prison for NON-violent drug convictions will be pardoned and released to enhance our economy and restore family unity.

In Actuality: I exist to alleviate obstacles, add advice, and celebrate LIFE.  I savor and give Hug Therapy to generate Positive Energy in southern California to benefit our universe.                               

I am available to help: as this document details; my eternal testimony and political proposals. I seek friends; humanists, philanthropists, oxygen-air-ions, the ecological: to heal Earth by promoting Non-violent Love!  Wealth can be accumulated with Peace-full Integrity.  Unanimous unity can be our transformation into Social sanity and gives Political Power to the Peaceful People.  My global endeavors coincide with all goals, there four,  please contact me to facilitate our future.  Please associate: Peace is absolutely possible; please pardon me for respectfully requesting assistance…I seek friends and funds to finance organizing Free Parties for Speeches open to public discourse and direction.    PLEASE; We can mend Earth to Affect our future effect and enhance our lives

I am: a sails-person, I sell substantial substances with excellent quality, provide superlative supervision services and offer logical prognostications to solve complications, as we endeavor to sail through our future! 

I Love life, I live for lucrative longevity: I am brand ambassador and a consumer of Kannaway's natural nutritional CBD supplements, also products for animals.  Effective products enhancing health, as well as, anti aging beauty-secrets created and based on CBD science and an ancient Asian formula, Bi-Bong which synergizes, and infuses our CBD's from THC free Hemp: to create the entourage effect; explore and experience it. 


Kannaway was founded and is directed by a Doctor: he created this premier: innovative, scientific and charitable CBD company; we strive for international integration of good health and offer income opportunities.  I am introducing, mentoring, and sponsoring people to build a better functional society.  Our products are legal in all states of the United States and fifty countries!  Please; enhance your existence, acknowledge science and utilize our non-intoxicating Cannabinoid products.  There are over 100 products and some include our ancient Asian herbal Bi-Bong formula to synergistically synthesize the wonderful Kannaway-Formula complimenting our molecular structure and composure.  I absolutely love and recommend these products; many choices including, CBDs for animals!

Open Invitation; to improve health and live for lucrative longevity: I am a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway nutritional supplements; energized with CBDs from pure medicinal quality hemp oil, and infused with an ancient Asian Bi-Bong formula to synergistically regenerate our well being and RNA---runs fifty five dollars a year for membership, to buy wholesale, recruit and sell  internationally with a company webpage:  like This:  www.kannaway.com/6734525

All Lives Matter: therefore; I enjoy a Non-violent diet, curtailing cruelty and promoting Peace!  You are invited: attend a Southern California, Vegan Festival; sample delicious nutritious food, holistic therapies, and experience the natural Vegan Lifestyle; Oct. 19/20 2019 in Orange County.   www.socalvegfest.org 

I tweet 4 LIFE, on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/mr_funsun

My top ten Opportune opportunities; to generate income:

  1. Real Estate Acquisitions.  Income property specialist:  I can operate apartments and businesses, Clean and Green: I also seek to purchase properties, and construct ergonomic buildings. 
  2. Management and Supervision services.  Ecologically efficient; integrate my fiscal integrity supervise any enterprise: to maximize; good will, and profits, while benefitting global village.  www.absolutesupervision.com
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  4. Investment in music, art, properties, peoples’ potential. 
  5. Space Exploration: SMILE- Space Migration, Increased Intelligence, Life Extension, also space salvage/clean-up.  Proposed by the late great psychology professor Timothy Leary
  6. Facilitator: Translations, negotiations and mediations.
  7. RTD: Righteous Trip Department: Guide/companion.  I am a hometown Homeboy; I Love Earth more than himself.  I experienced over ten lunar eclipses and two Solar Eclipses;  I am preparing for the next Solar Eclipse in Waco Texas. I have petted Gray Whales; in Baja California/Mexico, floated in the Good Year Blimp, enjoyed 2 trips to Burning Man; once Nakedly, I love positive energy, celebratory events, concerts, I am all ways holistically directed! 
  8. 215-MMJ 420: THC/ CBD's 2 #Celebrate LIFE, alleviate anxiety and invigorate our intelligent biological system.  Outlawing any biological organism: is illogical and evil; therefore, please legalize LIFE: end the war on drugs!   I have access to MMJ; which can be simple and soothing, or strong and stoning!
  9. Custom Containers: Protective (ATA) carrying Cases; for musical or scientific instruments, and anything of value. 
  10. Merry Marriages are Magnificent Marriages; financial opposites usually compassionately blossom.  Experience Exogamy: Wealthy can marry poor, youth merry maturity, local marry distant, for social equality eliminating the financial glass ceiling which prevents peasants from affiliating with aristocracy.  For instance:  IF; Miss Lady Gaga, Miss Taylor Swift, or Miss Tiffany Trump, married me; I am a superlatively sensuous Lover---it would benefit our separate realities while harmonizing humanities collective consciousness.  This would absolutely socially elevate me; a proletariat, by sharing their social significance and prosperity.  Then; with God’s blessings; we enjoy descendants.   If Lady Gaga: appreciated LOVEvolution; she could transform her followers, into Funsters to partake in a non violent village!  Speculatively:  IF a Merry sophisticate worth $100,000,000.oo; married me, my prenuptial agreement stipend might be $1,000,000.oo and if she decided to separate or divorce; I might receive $10,000.000.oo---a hundredth per cent to marry and ten percent for divorce; a fair settlement!  A fine fiscal formula can be applied to most communal, emotional, sexual partnerships, spiritual and business commitments; all that is equitable is negotiable, whatever your social circumstances you; are accommodated!  Thus, I promote and arrange connections especially for exogamy traditionally called unequal yoking.  Thus; I seek wealthy people willing to provide a Prenuptial Payment to actually compensate unequal Consorting: which can result in a balanced champion companionship and or marriage.  I have invested fifty years pursuing my passions philosophy and, I know many unique single individuals over 500 contacts in my smart phone, some are available for a passionate partnership and an most of lovely single ladies who enjoy their sensual sexuality.  Endogamy: Equal yoking, usually results in divorce and serial marriages. 

An extreme imploration:  Please possibly pardon me; Miss Tiffany Trump, consider… a mercifully association with me, to sea if we can, merrily affiliate, maybe experience Matrimony. I know God is Blessing us!   As an excellent associate or your honorable husband; I would be eternally mandated to socialize and enlighten the US President ---your Father; in order that we heal humanity and preserve Earth with generous mercy.

PLEASE: Mr-President: Donald Trump, be logical, become an ecologically merciful generous Grandpa.  You should: Earnestly earn a Nobel Peace Prize; advert Human Extinction by establishing #EarthPeace.  These 12 Trump-isms are a good guide for a harmonious Presidency!

  1. Love Trumps Hate
  2. Compassion Trumps Punishment
  3. Cooperation Trumps Conflicts
  4. Bread Trumps Bombs
  5. WellFair Trumps WarFare
  6. Health Care Trumps Insurance Coverage
  7. Solar Trumps Nuclear
  8. Ecology Trumps Economy 
  9. Science Trumps Superstition
  10. LIFE Trumps Death   
  11. Good (GOD) Trumps evil (satan)
  12. Eternity Trumps Infinity

Vote for righteous candidates; who are defined by the Green Party Platform and will honestly serve society with logical empirical evidence.  JESUS exemplified idealness: ‘Love your neighbor’ is absolute social harmony and global sanity.  JESUS promised: ‘Live righteously; to enjoy a thousand years of peaceful prosperity’!  And; JESUS admonished us: ‘the Law should serve humans; humans should not be forced to serve the Law’.  Please realize: GOD is watching; yet, diabolical Governments are using executions and war to enforce exploitative subjection.  I object to, reject, abate, and condemn, all warmonger nuclear mafias!

Please pardon any redundancies: on the D-Day anniversary 1996, I was shot at and wounded in our American Ghettos; rather than enlist in military service: I am a minuteman to serving my Hometown and the Homeland in all ways.  I have lived, worked, and inproved the Barrios of America:  About 2 am on June 6, 1996: I experienced the Twilight Zone by surviving an assassination attempt; trouble makers lured me into an ambush, when four 45 caliber bullets were shot at my head; they expected to extinguish my existence as an apartment manager protecting tenants from the crime beat.  I heard a gun fire: I begged God for my LIFE; the first shot hit the fence, while my left arm covered my skull and ear from the sound blasts, thus, my arm deflected three bullets from my head.  I knew I was shot; because I could taste gunpowder, obviously, returning fire was unwise so I retreated, to secure my canine and seek medical treatment.  Despite LAPD’s failure to present my attempted murderer to a court of law: I found justice in the Solar Court of the street: I received word then I confronted the assassin/shooter, who acquiesced fearfully.  I refrained from revenge and I continued my primo management tenure for 16 additional months, before I was phased out by a conniving corporation thriving in inefficiency.  Now that apartment community operates as a “Tax Credit” complex and suffers corrupt cowardly management as public crime statistics can verify and the previous tenants who survived the barrio crime beat, they can testify; and their evictions wrongful exemplify.

I respectfully request encouragement and I encourage: because; we can eliminate DEPRESSION which causes suicidal tendencies.  As suffered by iconic humans like Mr. Robin Williams who strangled himself.  There are so many other self murderers who are overwhelmed and who sensed a lack of:  Love, hope, faith, and social significance: or they die addicted and early, either way they abandon us in an illogical inhumane violent society!  We must value all castes of LIFE: a Basic Income is essential equality in a beneficial world.

Since the days of the Pharos; the masses venerated the 1 % while starvation and warfare persist, please participate in this Compassionate Bio-Cultural Evolution!

Empirical Fact: Earth is destructible; “Please; allow our words and elections to establish tranquility, stop Habitat Destruction to avoid human extinction!  #Vote4WellFair and #No2Nuclears:  Vote4 Green Party: Elect Earth healers.  Please brethren; convince all voters and non-voters to  register and vote for peace at: www.gp.org   Capitalism will work well with a social safety net:  financed by eliminating warfare, ending drug war, and   funded by   High Society's Generosity; through, a US Federal 10% Sales Tax.  Effectively affecting consumption with taxes; efficiently causes the rich to contribute to a social safety net. 

Transition: (#LEO2PEO) Law Enforcement to Peace Enforcement; generate Love not financial fines!  Tranquility and Prosperity; proffer Good-Will!  Issuing traffic citations which are financially oppressive is Police Brutality!  A stern warning improves society gradually and genders cooperative citizen appreciation! 

STOP: the injustices and governmental oppression enforced through police brutality, and sometimes murder: Get smart or die dumb, State University or State Penitentiary, poor house or mansion....You Choose!

Denounce and effect the establishment not our exploited brethren!   Everybody’s vote can help us earn our GOD given and US Constitutional right to have fun in the sun.  Secret ballots are intended to prevent political pressure, yet, We can proudly verify our voting; verbally wherever we are and whenever politics are discussed; when everyone is voting unanimously, our votes are un-hack-able and shall improve our global villages.  Please object to human disposability: otherwise you accept and condone; ‘American Advanced Apartheid’ which is economic discrimination.  NOTICE: to all segments of society: we need clean air and pure water to survive; superstars, billionaires, millionaires, artists, musicians, well-fair recipients, homeless, beggars, gangsters, thugs, thieves, politicians, members of all organizations and corporations, rappers, hip hoppers, any and all conflicting segments of society:   By fighting amongst ourselves we allow the government to treat us as garbage and destroy our ecosphere. How can we be brave, have dexterous abilities, be extremely talented, be beautiful or handsome actors earning Oscars, or physically agile people excelling at sports, or smart enough to be a millionaire, or courageously evil enough to be a robber: While we allow our governments to enforce vile drug laws and prosecute victimless crimes; which are exploitative oppressive revenue generating laws, which insult our cultural heritage! 

Whatever your endeavor:  I offer effective support with; diligent prudent analysis.  As ‘Absolute Supervision’: I Supervise absolutely; I am at your service 24/7.  As an intrapreneur: I can help organize your organization, attain your needs-dreams-desires-aspirations; plan business goals, establish future enterprises, or simplify complicated situations.  With either a 100 minute consultation or lifelong affiliation, I offer a unique non-prejudicial perspective with effective and affective assistance.  All offers, trades or barter; for work, play, politics, and/or Love are considered.  I am an ABSOLUTE SUPERVISOR; and I can help any type of business or transaction and provide whatever paper-work needed: legally binding; contracts, receipts, and mutual agreements.  I consider offers for compensation; even a percentage of what is earned or collected or earn an hourly wage.  I offer my supervision services for any type business, specialization in realization of your inner-visions.  My specialty is hospitality; I have a decade of duty as an effective apartment manager and property supervisor.  I am ready to supervise any enterprise; I have experience with food and drink, habitation, accounting for any income while providing vandal proof protection and security, I improve balance sheets and heartbeats.  I have soul-full empathy and intellectual ability to help direct anybody, and operate any business.  I am available for a 100 minute consultation or a lifelong association.  I generate positive energy to prosper all involved; thus, helping our economy with win-win situations!  My entire existence is invested in the Los Angeles area and Southern California, USA; I have reputable sources for whatever service or product you seek; from making movies, I know artists and musicians, capable mechanics, I can analyze business possibilities, providing supervision, handling completion of any project.
I seek investors, or financial angels, to purchase properties and businesses especially apartment buildings.  We can construct multi use buildings with ecological hemp materials that will ergonomically endure for a century.

Please: register, vote, and promote the GREEN PARTY to accomplish Planetary Peace through Ecological Prosperity!  Please end all wars, feed our world and save our planet by Preserving oxygen, drinkable water, and oceans; we are all brethren breathing air from the same atmosphere!   Please: we must; FORGIVE and FORGET the past because violent revenge and retribution is destroying our ecosystem causing extinctions.
JESUS and all prophets agreed and proclaimed NON violence:  Gandhi said: “eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind”.  JESUS admonished; “eye for an eye is from the synagogue of satan!”  JESUS also demanded that when a person is struck on the face they should “turn the other cheek” rather than seek violent revenge.  After the US 9-11 catastrophes: the United States should have ‘refrained from violent revenge’ thus; exemplifying Pacifism.  With that horrendous attack; America could have compensated for the past sins of US violence, war, and slavery.  I honor John Lennon’s, suggestion; to grow your hair for Peace.  To visually demonstrate for peace, I grow my hair and my beard; since Mr. Lennon’s murder, as a social statement.  We must stop the War-on-Drugs to end all Wars: PLEASE; all people in the FREE WORLD blessed with elections, vanquish violence by participating in elections and uniting our votes! 

How many more bombs and fires can our atmospheres endure?  It is too dangerous to replicate the sun on earth to produce energy with this heat producing method (nuclear reactors) which warms Earth while creating nuclear waste!  We must deactivate all nuclear reactors and weapons: eliminate depleted uranium, and decontaminate nuclear reactors and explosion locations, then secure and store the radiated waste.
Religious rebellion, wars, and revolutions ‘WERE’ necessary because of violent political and religious suppression and persecution, thus, necessitating retribution and violent revolution.  The New World Order cannot continue to destroy our planet if we in the FREE WORLD unite in #LOVEvolution and vote for Liberty.  The action of voting:  IS a NON-violent revolution but the #Sheeple of the United States are afraid, therefore, they vote for the Duopoly, or neglect to vote, and tolerate corporate thieving war-mongers destroying our natural resources with toxicity.  

Religions were established to promote peace and tranquility with the exception of Islamists who were forced to revolt against corrupt drunken Christian kings and rulers who were plundering and murdering good people, damning the honor of JESUS.  I offer my sincere apologies to all people; whom the United States and or Catholics/Christians have offended, extorted, enslaved, brutalized, or murdered: I am sorry and request forgiveness!  We must utilize technology to establish social equilibrium, heal human dignity and preserve Earth.  All enlightened Moslem Brethren know: in these modern times: Allah; would instruct Mohammed to begin a  ‘Word Jihad’  for Islamists and Moslems.  Because now elections: provide a verifiable; non-violent way to eradicate viciously violent governmental establishments; whatever dogma dominance. 
Many people: selfishly fantasize for lucrative life styles and neglectfully ignore the reality of global desperation and destruction.  More than 50 percent of eligible US citizens are not registered to vote.  Whatever: their reasons or religious misconceptions, for not registering to vote nor voting; it allows minority of evil people with the majority of the minority who vote, advocating  violence and vengeance while directing society to destruction, militarization, nuclearization, sickness, and death!
JESUS said: “Love your neighbor” and “turn your other cheek” therefore, all hunger, revenge, warfare, the suppression of healing drugs, executions, all violent people are illogical, contrary to Love, Logic, and the fact that GOD Loves all creatures.  
Obviously; all humans can prosper without warfare which is destroying our ecosystem:  People; especially American citizens, please unite; we are suffering from “Diabolical Disorientation” instituted by the 'Establishment of war-mongers' which enforces “American Atheistic Advanced Apartheid” by oppressively extortive exploitation and executions.  American society is serving the ‘synagogue of satan’ obviously and evidently: when most Americans answer their phone or see each other; their greeting is: Hello!  Why are people glorifying the home of the devil by saying hell-low?  All Christians should be greeting each other with HEAVEN-high…right?  I live my life to enjoy eternity.  Our love, our Unity, our logic, and our righteousness shall be integrated, to defeat and deplete the murdering war-mongers, control the computer heat generating information revolution and its inventions, its machines, robots, and drones, some dispensing death.
The peace and love party is the Green Party while not perfect this is the best option to transform our planet into a celebration of life while healing Earth.  Our economy and monetary system is based on confidence; therefore, we must confidently participate in every election process to abate the repressive laws and abrogate the Duopoly-politicians that punish people for cultural differences.  By ending the war on drugs we will improve the humanity’s economy and preserve our ecosystem.   

Now: US citizens; are required to purchase passports for exit and reentry to the U.S.  I have paid for two Los Angeles birth certificates which were not on file due to my parents’ acrimonious divorce, and I also paid for a United States passport which was denied, when my parents refused to notarize a statement of their witnessing my birth; therefore, my governments kept my money and failed to issue my birth certificate and my passport!  My freedom to travel is curtailed and I feel confined: Please POTUS do not wall us in.  No Border Wall: it constitutes a Bio Diversity Barrier; recall a cultural barrier, the Berlin Wall which was dismantled while the Green Party dominated their German political reality.  Today; humans are extorted under penalty of imprisonment and death, to serve illogical laws which generate revenue, financially devastating our economy.  Will Durant said; “you cannot fool all the people all the time but you can fool enough of the people to run a large country like the United States”.  In US courts: many Federal, State, and Municipal are inept and/or corrupt.  A large percentage of US income is extorted by the IRS to fund our violently oppressive war mongering government.  With unanimous unity: No longer can dishonest murdering governments continue to oppress humans! 

All US citizens please unite and vote for our Devine right to celebrate LIFE.  International invitation:  Please help US; because the majority of USA citizens are too scared to vote or  to speak up for freedom because they fear oppression, financial exploitation, violent extortion, imprisonment, or murder.  The GREEN PARTY will dignify humanity.  Today US conditions are worse than before the Civil War when people suffered slavery; because: slaves were owned, housed, and sometimes well cared for by kind masters; now people are disposable, homeless and treated like trash.  The US has more people in prison and a larger percentage of our people incarcerated than any other country.  The prison industry is incorporating into private prisons to profit from desperate criminal behavior; or drug use, destroying our social fabric. I am an intelligent and free human being; renouncing the hypocrisy of American Atheistic Advanced Apartheid which benefits the top 11% of our global society!  Remember the Terminator movie:  For humanity to be victorious in the computerized technological revolution; we must unite and limit Artificial Intelligence. Acknowledge: that profanity, vandalism, and violence are futile against the warmongers and their machines.  We must limit our computer dependence; especially operating our infrastructure which is vulnerable to Electronic Magnetic Pulses and needs faraday insulation for protection from EMP's. 
In addition to the Green Party political platform:  please help advocate a Merciful Mingling; to merge and unite the Green Party and the Libertarian Party
www.LP.org ; to remedy our bodacious social inequities and liberate LIFE.  8 methods 2 strengthen society:

1.    Conscription; random draft for all young adults to serve a social apprenticeship for a couple years.
2.    The 10-10-10 Tax:  The only TAX method which will equally tax everyone in US equitably.  Basic: 10% corporate earnings, 10% personal earnings, 10% federal sales tax.  Federal Sales-Tax; affects Rich/poor incrementally and taxes tourists to fund our US social safety net.
3.    No Minimum Wage; As illogical as a maximum wage.  Voluntary generosity generates good will; pay well to progress prosperously, share the wealth and play the generosity forward.
4.    No Term Limits: Elections; end terms or extend terms; quality must be free to endure.
5.    Guaranteed Annual income: essential Universal Basic Income for people to be respectable stress free, happy citizens/consumers.  Computerized automation gifts lucky humans with the Age of Leisure!  #UBI 
6.    Reissue large denominations of US money: up to ten thousand dollar bill; because Large GREEN denominations facilitate commerce.  
7.  Raise motorcycle speed limit or issue advanced-rider licenses, for expeditious travel. 

 8.  Pay luxuriously all political office holders---public servants, teachers, police, first responders, for their gracious truthful tenures.  Public executives deserve extravagant pay and plenty of perks to prevent partisan corporate collusion.  Becoming a Peace Officer or government worker should be as rewarding as a winning a lottery grand prize; make integrity instinctual.   Prevent desperation, psychosis, and suicides: Universal Basic Income, a Social safety net for the financially destitute; decent well-fair benefits.  #UBI  

We must appreciate all creatures on earth: especially embryos; the abortion question cannot precede the death penalty issue, it is illogical to debate the fate of fetuses while adults are executed for crimes of financial desperation, both, are abominations to GOD’s Love.  Humans executed or killed in the name of Jesus: is crazy; anyone advocating violence, revenge, or executions is neither a righteous person, nor religious, nor modern, nor Christian, nor Catholic, and absolutely absurd.  

My goal is to experience excellence with loyal mentors, progressive protégées, friends, associates, to:  Affect the effect of our Future rather than be effectively affected by our horrendous social structure!  As bold, brave, righteous people; we can create a happy honest reality through Music, Movies, Arts, philosophical politics, sports, integrating integrity in Business and protecting freedom to help cool our planet to celebrate life.  I love people; ready, to help preserve our planet by saving our whales and oceans.  Humans who improve; people inspired to part of the solution, people of any type, wealthy, healthy, even people seeking cures, anyone seeking a true friendship.  I have; street credibility, a universal university education, knowledge of jurisprudence, philosophy, mechanical ability, comprehension of corporate procedures, while profitable.  Together we can diminish the governmental exploitation and religious hypocrisy.  Prosperity is our destiny; since there is room at the top of the business ecosphere for integrity in economics, ergonomics, and ecology.  Positive energy, funding, and prayers are needed to free our world from violence and wars; sew all creatures can enjoy LIFE.  
Green Power funded the protests against the Viet Nam war: they are a philanthropically gregariously generous group that provides the means and funds for LOVE-Ins; to encourage and entertain Peace Pilgrims.  Green Power; began providing free food, drink and live music back in the days of psycho-spirituality and powerfully pure drugs.  Gatherings of great people, celebrities, rich folk, and musicians who protested the despicable ecocide caused by bombing Earth: while killing and injuring the Vietnamese people. Music was unburnable and was manufactured on separate size vinyl records which played at 3 different speeds.  When dancing; was preferred to self destruction and acceptance of death and war-fare.  LOVEvolution needs Green Power (people and money) to establish a functional Social Organization; to produce peaceful co-existence.  We must harness the technology and conduct a Global #LOVEvolution.  Our protest slogan detesting the Vietnam War; is still valid: ‘the money wasted on war and weapons today could fund a worldwide party to end hunger for today!  Many governments’ waste resources: while facilitating corporate collusion and exploitation; witnessing our World being bombed into accelerated entropy, allowing pollution, ignoring climate crisis, and funding nuclear war-mongering mafias.  The war-pigs destroy Earth, murder its dignified inhabitants, and simultaneously destroy diversified cultures. All artists and folks living art fully: acknowledge that ART can, change our consciousness and revolutionize our spirits remixing our future for---PEACE!

I thank God for all our existences and all your compassionate considerations.   Appreciatively: I wish everyone; health, contentment, pure oxygen, and nutritious water!

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