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Recognize Reality!

When Jesus lived; people endured the warmonger crucifier mafia; today we suffer the warmonger nuclear mafia! Technology evolved to the age of computerized leisure yet, We endure the same social maladies: 1. Lying Lawyers, 2. Predatory Preachers, 3. Profiteering Physicians, 4. Malicious Merchants, 5. Persecuted Prostitutes.  To avoid extinction; we must unify, dignify humanity, and stop the effective ecocide by our inept governments.

#LOVEvolution: to Establish #EarthPeace.  Please be a participant, partner, advisor, associate, friend, capitalistic-comrade, ‘Financial Angel’,  secret affiliate, or confidential contributor.  I appreciative all and i beg you to share, because I care about Earth and its creatures; thanks. 

www.venmo.com/Robert-Torres-275    Or


Please: help implement #SocialSanity. Be a co-conspirator and participate in our civilized consciousness, we are forming an unbiased international  network to organize our Governments 4 conservation of our Oxygen and Oceans!  I respectfully request: referrals, work assignments, clients, people to coach, those seeking advise, or advocates .  I beg you: please promote our peace plan. 

ALSO as a capitalist comrade:  I also seek funding; from investors ready to earn interest and good will.   (APR and loan  conditions are negotiable) we can acquire apartments to operate ecologically, and also construct ergonomically designed, diversified income--multi-family housing, commercial developments.  I have a Bank willing to finance apartment purchases with 15% down payment and an APR below 3%.


We Can live 4 longevity; Please try Kannaway products; our unique CBD's are derived from organic hemp and infused with a proprietary synergistic BiBong formula...membership is $55.oo a year to consume at wholesale and deal internationally, at: 


All Kannaway products are scientifically verified for potency, purity of contents, and chemically analyzed for pesticides, herbicides or contaminants three separate times by an independent laboratory: these reports are linked to each individual product on the website.    Cannabinoids: rejuvenate our bodies; increase brain function by facilitating neuron activity, and helps our social ability, with the pursuit of prosperity.  Invigorate health by supplying CBD's to the human  endocannabinoid system: enhance  LIFE.  A happy attitude with a buoyant spirit; reduces cravings and over indulgence in toxic substances!

Please Commit to World Peace: vote and work for Voluntary Generosity.  JESUS said: “LOVE your neighbor” ...this righteousness can preserve Earth!

I enhance and validate Experiences: as a Verifiable Witness with testimonial ability, faithful Friend, Content Competent Companion, a prudent person to simplify complications whatever circumstances in any venue, as a platonic escort or romantic. 

I can easily accommodate: your schedule and personal preferences, whatever precludes possible paranoia!  I am available where-ever and whenever; locally in the 92592.  I promise honorable confidentially; accurate accounting, honesty, and help; with any financial, legal, or emotional situation, negotiation, or mediation, with knowledgeable experience I can rectify any circumstance; and I am available to socialize and Joyously celebrate LIFE! 

I logically utilize #Twitter as a social lever to Abolish Advanced Apartheid, end ecocide, and I follow thousands of reputable realities 4 #EmpiricalFacts !


or   mr_funsun@twitter.com

Aloha all ways;

our contentment can be! 

Products & Services

i Offer; 1way to maximize purchase price of apartments.

2Really Rejuvenate! 

Live 4 Love and adopt #LOVEvolution.

i Offer; 1way to maximize purchase price of apartment deals.

Searching for Real Estate opportunities: 

Future Friends;

I seek owner financing, bank financing, or any investing financier, who appreciates money’s future value: for apartment buildings, multifamily complexes, and business properties (in Southern CA or Baja California); receive a premium price and intense interest rate.  I am willing to: buy, barter, or trade for any property:  Seeking deals where the income: will cover mortgage payments and operating costs; if I rent or lease the space equitably.  I offer: great financial benefits; you receive a higher price per unit---more than asking price, intensified by a .7% annual interest rate.  If you will accept: a one per cent down payment arrangement; for financing, I have different payment formulas.  I love LIFE and adore Earth, I know Southern California: I can handle complications; accountability, logistics, sanity, safety, and transportation.  My good faith deposit/down payment: $.01; equals one penny per dollar of sales price, this gives seller a good faith fee, grants me an upside.  In addition: I promise community continuity: without raising rents; honoring current tenants' occupancy while continuing to provide quiet enjoyment of their living or work space.  No redeveloping or major remodeling, thus, not gentrifying nor converting to condominiums.  To compensate Real Estate Agents commission; if you handle both sides, receive  nine percent ownership in property or enjoy possession of some rent ready units to lease, for a period, to accumulate five or ten percent of purchase price. 

Please: Have faith and confidence in my decade of excellent apartment management and property supervision; I survived and improved the ghettos/barrios of Los Angeles and Orange county.  I can lease, or rent out any available space and keep payments current!  I have simultaneously supervised 2000 units: including a motel and two trailer parks, thus, I have the comprehension and qualifications to own and operate properties while helping communities.  I provide effective management and supervision of occupancy, property care, upgrades, any deferred maintenance, emergency repairs, or building deficiencies.  I logically find an economical solutions or extravagant upgrades; proprietary to budgetary parameters.  All my deals are financially complimentary: sew we both profit.  Everything equitable is negotiable; therefore, this stress free offer integrates our integrity.  Thank you: I appreciate your consideration and time.  All offers considered; we are fellow; Oxygen-AIR-ians! 

I diligent and dedicated: I complete all tasks honestly and efficiently; I preclude problems, especially governmental intervention and Court adjudication.

We can: be well researched 'cultural connoisseurs’; cultivating the best from all cultures to coordinate a Bio Cultural Evolution.  We can: create world peace through prosperity; advocate and promote #LOVEvolution: 1. End Hunger, 2. Dissipate Hate, 3. Vanquish Violence, 4.DeNuclearize, 5. Master Cancer, 6. Preserve Earth.    

Care for an expedient all cash deal?  I know investors who will offer a low yet fair price:  In as-is condition, even title complications, they exclude; expenses, realtor fees, repairs, or waiting for other bids.  These venture capitalists demand a big upside, they can provide cash for any property in so. California. 

Although; if you care to continue ownership, I can manage, lease, and supervise, at your service with the ability to profitably generate goodwill while promoting social sanity and establishing Earth Peace.  I promise compliance, coordination, development, completing projects to your satisfaction.  I know reputable vendors; who can quote a price, providing durable products and serious services wonderfully. 

 Aloha all ways.  RT  J

HERE is---An Example of a purchase offer, for future value:

Good Day,

For you, a premium purchase offer: $3,000.oo more per unit: New price $1,916,000.oo at seven per cent (.07%) annual interest.  Therefore; if you could please possibly, accept a down payment of $19,160.oo… everything else is negotiable. 

I appreciate your time and if a larger down payment is required, it will be considered and can be arranged.



(323)258-443Four    manager@mr-funsun.com



Staycation ; habitate at a rustic home inland empire, fertile country.

Enjoy ecological happy home.

Location: located by Glen Oaks road and Mesa road; which is near Lake Skinner in Temecula, 92529.  Space to lease in a Rustic Retreat; a safe, clean, comfortable, isolated place to live; while the pandemic panic passes, we develop our lives and pursue our dreams.  Three bedrooms are available: top floor; in a tri level five bedroom-2 bathrooms home.  The 3 private bedrooms are upstairs which share a bathroom, full size closets, one with mirrored doors; including the master bedroom with a walk in lighted closet, also a garage space, with basic borrowable tools.  Exist incognito: Nestled near wonderful wineries and mansions; a mile from a Riverside county fire station, a humble home in a magnificent municipality with great school district, and honorable first responders.  I respect and love truth: contrary to most of our fellow earthlings; I have supervised many apartments gaining children’s respect asking; ‘are you going to the state university or state penitentiary’ instantly they locate a professor and protector. 

Location: plenty of space for privacy; a harmonic habitat to coexist while surviving our social situation; twelve miles from the 15 freeway, in wine country, on private driveway, no traffic noise at night.  Nearest house is 100 yards away; converse with confidentiality, neighbors and housemates are all ways righteous and respectful.   When we meet the first time: a visit to your residence or in a public place is preferred; then, after we determine if we are compatible and appreciate each other you are welcome to visit.  Our living arrangement and agreement will provide a functional relationship enduring and friendship: I am willing to help others for eternity and until infinity; as well I want to be helped. 

Location: equipped with solar panels and an hour bike ride to various sources of fresh water, in case any part of the utility grid has rolling blackouts or crashes and fails to send water or electricity.  Since the economy of our world is in jeopardy; I seek affluent housemates with current funds, or liquid assets, who can afford to lease this lovely location.  Enjoy freedom to redecorate-renovate your space, we can alter place to prep for public panic; I absolutely aware of the uncertainties in our global reality. This is a place to live privately, shelter in place, or a place to bug out and retreat to if the city becomes unbearable or dangerous.  Before the lockdown I would awake not knowing where I would dream that night, on a friends’ mini yacht, bedroom of a bachelorette, couch, I spend time in LA and wherever, amassing my first million dollars and finding a mate to create descendants. 

Rent Includes: 3 rooms, bathroom, garage space, high speed internet, basic cable, land line phone, and utilities.  We share: the common areas, laundry room, unheated pool and patio area, TV room/office area, dining room, kitchen area, kitchen sink has instant water heater, dining room seats six, kitchen gadgets and utensils, cooking privileges with specific cabinet shelves and a separate refrigerator for your provisions.  Large enough back yard for mini hiking, tree climbing, a 4X6 rock garden to attend to, a shaded garden to rest or exercise, and garden areas to grow vegetables, flowers, roses, or whatever you wish, outside the kitchen window we have humming bird feeder, a prolific lemon tree to flavor our sun tea or tequila and an orange tree overlooking the driveway.  Rent is $2,420 a month and a security deposit of $2,000, total move-in $4,420.  Being a retreat this deal is absolutely is amendable and can be for any length of time; six months or more, can be more or less inclusive; depending on your budget.  Well qualified housemates are scarce: as a sign of my sincerity, generosity, -- I offer a hundred dollar$-Good Will Gift; to anyone introducing a housemate after tenth day of their residence, or $100 Discount on your 2nd month’s rent.

Ecological living: no pesticides, no herbicides, moderate use of water, heating and air conditioning.  Includes; off street parking for your agile vehicle which is necessary because we have an uphill gravel driveway and there is no bus stop near, the nearest store or business is ten miles away.

Animals:  There are three indoor/outdoor cats; 1 female and two male brothers and two elderly dogs, 1 Golden Retriever female and a small male; both k-nines are kind compassionate companions.  Your Pets and CHILDREN can be welcome and will be considered and accepted on an individual basis.  We can easily construct more fencing and adopt large outdoor dogs able to run around the house: securing it.               

NO overnight guests: keep it simple and save time. NO outrageous behaviors; and no illegal activities. There is a keyed lock on your doors: or provide a lock only you have the key: however you feel safe. 

We exist as EVO-lacto-vegetarians; we are vegan compatible, and will consider carnivores.

There are two mature housemates currently: an intellectual, retired postal lady studied psychology, is the most recent housemate, three years, and myself savoring this location for ten years, I am a peace pilgrim, counSELLER/brand ambassador/sales-person.  We have enjoyed living together without any chaos.  I love and celebrate life and am a valuable companion; in better tone than when I was 16, striving to enjoy life past 100, exerciser, chess player, bicycler, read many (which you may borrow) diverse books for universal understanding, as friends we manifest the best for our universe.

IF this location and situation appeals to your sense of a reality please respond and explain yourself.  An application is mandatory and your credit-check OR credibility verification is essential: please value our time; read and consider this optimistic offer carefully!     Please acknowledge: preferential preferences for housemates are legal because, this is our personal living/eating/dreaming/ place; where we exist harmoniously to enjoy life and help conserve our Earths’ breathable air and drinking water. 

I am a non-smoker yet: we are 215 MMJ 420 friendly or Like Nancy you can smoke anywhere outside. 

ALL that is equitable IS NEGOTIABLE!    Aloha and thank you.


Princess; share my sleep space and dream with a magical man, we can be wizards!

MY Bedroom available in 92592 for: a Princess to personify with pleasant characters.

Happy Love Shack ; Earn with LOVEvolution.                                                              

Greetings Feminine Earthlings; 

Rejuvenate in a rustic retreat; relax and learn to exude social sanity by experiencing a Love Shack infused with positive energy.  The available dream space is a bedroom with a mirriored door closet, wifi, cable, view of  suntastical sunsets.  I offer an all inclusive deal to invigorate a relaxing restful time: meals, coffee, a lemon tree enhances tea or tequila, plus whatever enhances your joy, water activities, sports, yoga, reading, horse riding, Whale watching, bicycle riding, motorcycling, car riding, hiking, tree climbing, socializing, game playing-- especially chess, dancing or hibernating.    This Love Shack is not fancy; yet, as a reclusive retreat, it is isolated enough to enjoy conversations at any time, the nearest house is 100 yards away.   Transportation included anywhere within Southern California: I can transport you here; and anywhere that placates you physically, psychologically, psychically.  We all seek harmonious vibrations: even beautiful Lady Gaga a fully evolved supernova is an Icon of an unhappy and wealthy woman.  Of course when she travels, luxury hotel suites can cost $6k a night.  Yet; Lady Gaga claims she has not truly enjoyed happiness for twenty years, caused by past abuse.  To cure the past; we focus our future effective affect on preventing all abuse and vanquishing violence.  Therefore: I offer thirty day stay for $6k; with content companionship, housemate confidentiality, full service including meals, enjoy an  alternative non-violent-nutrition and life style, a cool pool, and  if you wish, integrate THC and/or CBD’s to calibrate heart beat, head beat, and soul beat.  We have two k-nines and a feminine feline; they are super friendly comfort animals, they appreciate human company...your animal companion is also welcome.   Whatever behavior you seek to modify:  the housemates qualify as sober companions; a songstress who cooks exquisitely, melodically musical, and a certified masseuse, a retired postal lady who majors in psychology, a IT guy who can code, and I; can provide logical 24 hour competent conversation to alleviate anxiety and disorientation.  Our Global Village perpetuates a culture of death, we suffer unjust laws, and despicable warmongering; too many young ladies expire before their twenty seventh birthday!  I respectfully elevate femininity; Matriarchal cultures all ways fare far better.  Surviving twenty-six Solar ReturnsJ: Selena Gomez could be celebrating her successful transplant and musical talent; not suffering anxiety and depression.   This is an excellent opportunity and a confidential economical method of avoiding complications from any compulsive behaviors   Moderation and self Love can settle our spirit with logical sanity:  Then; great men like Robin Williams would still be alive.   Robin Williams; generously  honored his friend,  in an attempt to rectify the diabolical thievery of health insurance; he gave (Superman) Christopher Reeves---one million dollars--- to help defer superman’s health care expenses.  Yet, despite Robins’ unfortunate suicide:  the Health Insurance corporate plunderers continue to profit from our lack of health.  It is an absolute pity that Whitney Houston died alone: then, her daughter passes away similarly; both victims of the war on drugs as well as lack prudence, also lacking someone to wash and watch their backs.  Please preclude the eventuality of enduring an intervention or suffering arrest and court ordered rehabilitation; incarceration or hospitalization, because if we fail to check ourselves---we wreck ourselves.  Choose #LOVEvolution: acquire an adequate attitude; then sea the futility of enduring existence while; inebriated, impaired, overfeed, starved, sad, or mainly miserable. 

This offer is equitable and negotiable; less or more amenities are available; even standard housemate status, feel free to arrange a deal, help our bio-cultural evolution as we integrate our body, mind, and infinite spirit.  If creativity or security is a concern: an extra room can be dedicated to a creative studio for artistry, music, meditation, and we have sleep-space in a trailer for a body guard.    

Allow us to celebrate LIFE pursuing longevity; there is a solution to every problem and many methods to modify our spirit, body and mind to elevate our existence with harmonious vibrations. 

Please respond explaining your desires and future goals.  Aloha all ways.


Whatever you desire, need, or strive for, which ever business, enterprise, or endeavor, whatever complication; I offer excellent effective analysis and assistance.

Absolute Supervision; absolutely at your service!

First of all: much FREE competent knowledge and advice is offered on the internet especially by my friends and associates; everything from health, cures, music, art, businesses people, politics, to conspiracy theorists and paranoid political people like myself certain the sky is falling. Earth was designed for Love-ins not warfare; please help promote a World of LOVE to establish tranquility to enjoy our future. Create history and Please Vote for LOVE and Peace to evolve our society to one based logical Love as JESUS instructed us!

Whatever you aspirations I offer Soul-u-tions; I can help you really enjoy reality more!

Los Angelesis the home of my birth and the home of my choice, thus, I am a knowledgeable content citizen I know reputable people to provide any product or service.

Supervising is my specialty; clear analysis and accurate accounting provide productive standard operating procedures being; 'Clean and Green' which achieve goals.



My university major is the 'Art of Business'; therefore, intelligence, knowledge and integrity are the essence of my existence. I am unlicensed but well trained in all my endeavors and if I am help you on your property it is as an artesian not an accredited pro; you may contract with licensed professional friend, who will employ me to work for you.

1. I have managed apartments for over a decade; thus, I can handle most house repairs or upgrades; interior or exterior painting, removing and replacing appliances or fixtures.

2. Providing Protection Security services: with or without a canine companion; with or without a uniform, with or without a weapon or installing crime/vandal prevention devices to protect you and your property while preventing problems.

3. Spanish translation or Logical mediation services; diplomacy prevents litigation/loss.

4. Transporting you safely and soberly: or delivering whatever-wherever-whenever; and if necessary, I know evasive/pursuit mode. I have many vehicles to use: a 1997 Dodge Ram Pick up truck, A compact enclosed/lockable BOX Ford Truck to transport large valuable items dryly and securely, a compact 1997 Cadillac sedan; a 7 passenger 1991 Lincoln Town Car Limo, a Harley Davidson motorcycle to transport females, small packages, collect debts, serve paperwork, etc. or you provide a vehicle for me to operate.

5. Supervision/management/coaching for any business enterprise or personal goals.

6. Companionship or being a witness at any venue: Celebrations/weddings; courtroom, boardroom, business negotiations, marriage mediation, beach, movie, concert, or street.

7. Visiting the sick; in jail or prison, medical or mental patients, attending to any necessity to comfort the confined; including bail-bondsman or legal representation.

8. I can provide accurate inventory control by diligent accounting, and supervising to maximize profits with absolute confidentiality and fidelity.

9. Babysitting, child care, elder care, and companionship; I am a happy person who educates, enlightens and entertains those dependant upon intelligent adult supervision.

10. Hospitable hospitality: I have complete knowledge of rental laws, Health and Safety for habitation and food handling; ability to improve livability/profitability in any local. I plan to purchase/operate Apartment complexes and design/construct Green buildings.

My management-supervision-coaching-labor: shall add to your LIFE's contentment and satisfactions; you can pay/reward or barter whatever with me for my work, referral, or professional opinion/evaluation/analysis. Whatever product, service, or success you seek; I know many reputable vendors for whatever you wish: Attorneys, Dylan a gold/jewelry buyer/seller; Anthony a gold jewelry fabricator can custom make anything, customize a Harley Davidson motorcycle to your preferences-artistic and mechanical, also general motorcycle, auto repair, construction people and any print product. I know excellent fine artists whose creations you shall appreciate as their art appreciates in value. I am friends with many people who have the ability to create, build, repair, or rectify any structure/situation/ reality. My friends range from; Dr. Romeo a smile enhancer/dentist, many different engineers, Don an expert in floor coverings: for tile, vinyl, carpet installation or steam cleaning; carpet, furniture and draperies. I invested 50 years in So.California: seeking justice, prosperity, longevity, and Love. I am researched-knowledgeable-reputable; ready to begin a new phase of life.

If you are frustrated, aggravated, or depressed: I know I can help your contentment!

I am appreciative of your consideration; I promise to help with your goals/profits/desires.

Please; email, text, or call (323)258-4434.

I am all ways; thankfully, accepting referrals and new friends to refer.

Mahalo,  mr-funsun

mr-funsun.com offers a diverse range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing high quality service and products and offer a quality guarantee on all items.

Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

1991 Lincoln Limo available: mechanically excellent--- low milage; we can upgrade sounds, security, cosmetics, interior, body and paint; then enjoy its fresh power train..and elegant ride.
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